Ride to the Sun for the Pahar Trust Nepal

– Bijaya Basic School (mid-build), Aarba Bijaya, Kaski (read about the PTN project here)

Here at The Winding Trail we are proud supporters of the Pahar Trust Nepal, a charity that builds safe, durable schools in the mid-western foothills and the far-east of Nepal. As well as school building, the PTN also works on a variety of other projects within these communities, including the construction of health posts, libraries, early education centres, water supply and sanitation projects, school hostels and sports facilities, and renovation and repair work.

Our connection to the Pahar Trust Nepal dates back a long way. PTN Ambassador Chris Hughes is a family friend who was, for a brief time, the deputy head of Paul’s primary school. When Paul was younger he spent many summer holidays with Chris and his family, mostly on the Welsh coast and within sight of the mountains of Snowdonia. Since our daughter Lotte was born, we have returned to those places and often in the company of Chris, who told us all about the PTN, its vital work to improve education access and his own journeys to the country to see what was happening on the ground.

In 2021, Paul ran 30 half marathons in 30 weeks in order to raise money for early years education. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who supported him in this foolhardy endeavour, we managed to raise £3,779. This allowed for a complete renovation of the early years classrooms connected to the Shree Dhuraba Secondary School, Tarkang. Here you can see some before and after photographs:

Now the next challenge is upon us, as Paul and good mates David and Tom will be taking part in the Ride to the Sun event in June, once again raising money for the Pahar Trust Nepal and the important work they do. The Ride to the Sun takes place on 24 June, the closest Saturday to the summer solstice, and involves riding 100 miles (160km) through the night from Carlisle in England to Cramond Beach in Scotland, hopefully in time for sunrise and some very welcome bacon sandwiches.

We will be sharing some updates from the preparations for the ride and the Ride for the Sun itself both here and on our Instagram feed, but more importantly we are going to use the opportunity to highlight the important work that the Pahar Trust Nepal is undertaking for and with the communities of rural villages in the country, and tell some stories along the way.

Any donation can make a difference and we hope that if you have enjoyed reading our tales on this site, that you would consider helping in any way you can.

Justgiving – Ride to the Sun for the Pahar Trust Nepal