Pahar Trust Nepal

– View from Tangting, Nepal – photo courtesy of Pahar Trust Nepal

Here at The Winding Trail we are proud supporters of the Pahar Trust Nepal, a charity that builds safe, durable schools in the mid-western foothills and the far-east of Nepal. As well as school building, the PTN also works on a variety of other projects within these communities, including the construction of health posts, libraries, early education centres, water supply and sanitation projects, school hostels and sports facilities, and renovation and repair work.

Our connection to the Pahar Trust Nepal dates back a long way. PTN Ambassador Chris Hughes is a family friend who was, for a brief time, the deputy head of Paul’s primary school. When Paul was younger he spent many summer holidays with Chris and his family, mostly on the Welsh coast and within sight of the mountains of Snowdonia. Since our daughter Lotte was born, we have returned to those places and often in the company of Chris, who told us all about the PTN, its vital work to improve education access and his own journeys to the country to see what was happening on the ground.

– Bijaya Basic school, Nepal mid-construction – photo courtesy of Pahar Trust Nepal

In 2021 the Pahar Trust Nepal launched the #30for30 campaign to mark 30 years since the first school was opened in Pokharithok, a tiny village in the Himalayas. For the campaign, the PTN was hoping to raise £50,000 to help 30 schools in Nepal improve their teaching provision and facilities for pre-primary school children aged 1-5 years old.

To support the campaign Paul decided to run 30 half marathons in 30 weeks, which he completed in the summer of 2021 having been supported on the pavements and trails of Berlin by a number of friends, including Jim, John, Neil, Charlotte and Jared, while Rebecca ran a half marathon of her own in Liverpool in solidarity. We hope to continue our support of the Pahar Trust Nepal in any way we can, including by helping spread the work of this wonderful organisation and the vital work it does. If you are at all interested in the mountains, in Nepal and the communities that call the Himalayas home, then please consider visiting the PTN website to find out more and to donate or support their work in any way you can.

Katrin & Paul

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