Our lake – Tegel, Berlin

From the street, which runs in a straight line through the Jungfernheide forest in the north of Berlin, circling around the old Tegel airfield, it is a short walk through the trees to the lake. The path, which follows the water’s edge from the Greenwich Promenade south towards Saatwinkel and Spandau, passes by sailing and… Continue reading Our lake – Tegel, Berlin

The hidden valley – Furnas

From the lookout point it was possible to take in the whole of the Furnas Valley, hidden away in the interior of the island and only visible once we were right upon it. We could see the rim of the volcanic crater, and the cones shaped by previous eruptions. We looked down on the blue… Continue reading The hidden valley – Furnas

Following the shore – Cycling Lake Balaton

Our starting point was the car park of a lookout spot, above the village of Balatonvilágos and the shore of the lake that gave it its name. We had been dropped here with our bikes, and if everything went to plan, we would arrive back in five days' time having completed our journey around the… Continue reading Following the shore – Cycling Lake Balaton